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Relevant Advertising: Uses aggregate information about groups of people like age, ethnicity, income range, where those groups live and work, and their interests to develop advertising that is more likely to be useful to that group. It does not use individual data about what a specific person might like. It uses interest categories based on the websites visited by groups of people to deliver advertising online.

Website: And other terms like "Internet site," "site" and "web page" all mean the same thing, namely any page or location on the Internet, no matter what device cell phone, tablet, laptop, PC, etc.

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This Privacy Policy covers our practices regarding the information we collect about our customers and users how we collect it and how we use it. Use of our products and services, as well as visits to our websites, are subject to this Privacy Policy. You're responsible for making sure all family members or other users under your account understand and agree to this Policy. Get everyone together and talk about it. Or, send it by email to make sure they're on board. Hang it on the fridge. We may have written product or service agreements with business customers that contain specific provisions about confidentiality, security or handling of information.

When one of these agreements differs from or conflicts with this Policy, the terms of those agreements will apply. In all other instances, the terms of this Policy apply.

We may collect different types of information based on your use of our products and services and on our business relationship with you. Some examples include:. We use your information to improve your experience and to make our business stronger. Delivering customized content, Relevant Advertising and personalized offers for products and services that may be of interest to you;. If we provide cloud services, we will only use the information you store to provide you with that service, unless we first get your permission to use it for something different.

We share your Personal Information with companies that perform services for us, like processing your bill.

Because we take our responsibility to safeguard your Personal Information seriously, we do not allow those companies to use it for any purpose other than to perform those services, and we require them to protect it in a way consistent with this Policy. Companies that perform these services may be located outside the United States, or the jurisdiction where you reside.

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If your Personal Information is shared with these companies, it could be accessible to government authorities according to the laws that govern those jurisdictions. There are also occasions when we provide Personal Information to other companies or other entities, such as government agencies, credit bureaus and collection agencies, without your consent. Some examples include sharing to:. We may use information like the preferences you have expressed and interests you have demonstrated on our websites, in our stores, and through use of our products and services, to provide you with marketing information and advertisements for Cricket products and services.

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  6. Those ads may be delivered on our websites and mobile applications. This is called "first party" advertising. It is part of our service relationship and you are not able to opt-out from this type of advertising. Our advertising partners may also use anonymous information gathered through cookies and similar technologies, as well as other anonymous and aggregate information that either of us may have to help us tailor the ads you see on non-Cricket sites.

    For example, if you see an ad from us on a non-Cricket sports-related website, you may later receive an ad for sporting equipment delivered by us on a different website. This is called "online behavioral advertising", which is a type of Relevant Advertising. Most browsers will allow you to delete, disable and choose what cookies can be placed on your computer.

    Cricket also uses information we get through your use of our products and services, from our advertising partners, and information like your age and gender to deliver Relevant Advertising that is not online behavioral advertising.

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    We combine your anonymous information with that of other users into aggregate "audience segments". We might use that information to send you advertisements that are relevant to those interests or characteristics. We are careful to create Relevant Advertising with aggregate audience segments that are large enough that you can't be identified individually.

    Cricket uses information about the locations you visit in order to create combined wireless location interest characteristics that can be used to provide Relevant Advertising to you and others like you.

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    Location characteristics are types of locations like "movie theaters". We might create a "movies characteristic", and deliver movie ads to the people who live in or are associated with that area.

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    Cricket does not keep a record of the places you have visited. Just like the name says, you get advertising that's more relevant to your interests. For example, if a particular audience segment, like adults between the ages of 21 and 25 with a certain income range, has demonstrated a greater interest in movies than other segments, we might send them a movie ad for a movie geared toward young adults. This is just one way we deliver content that's more relevant. When we add new offers that use your Personal Information to customize and deliver individually tailored advertising and promotions to you, we'll let you know, so you can decide if you'd like to participate.

    For example, in the future we may offer you a service that allows you to sign up to receive text-message offers from business that are near your current location and match up to interests you select. After installing the Cocospy app into the phone, you can delete the icon. Except phone location tracking. They want to track the target phone remotely. For iPhone users, you need to only enter their iCloud credentials to be able to track them.

    Enter them in the setup process. Make sure the phone is connected to the internet. In addition to GPS tracking, Cocospy comes with another unique feature that you might be interested in.

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    For example, you can set up geofencing around the route they take to come back home from work. So now you know all about the Cocospy husband tracker app. If you suspect your husband is having an affair, surreptitiously look at his phone text messages for evidence. With the fast advent of technology, spying on anyone is very easy by using spying tools like mSpy Phone Tracker. Using these tools, you will get the best solution to your question how do I track my husband's cell phone without him knowing?

    Catching a cheating spouse using cell phone spy tool like mSpy Phone Tracker is easier. It is one of the best cell phone tracking tool available on the web. Using mSpy Phone Tracker, you can perform various types of operations which will allow you to know what target person is hiding from you. This amazing tool is designed for Android and iOS devices.

    You can try mSpy Phone Tracker for 3 days at free of cost after that, simply choose the plan from flexible subscription plan list. You can simply have a try the free cheating spouse tracking app for Android and iPhone.

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    Seeking for the step by step solution to your question how to Track my husband location? Here, in this part, we will give you step-by-step guidance on how can I track my husband phone for free without him knowing using mSpy Phone Tracker. Step 1: Initially, open mSpy Phone Tracker official website and open create a mSpy Phone Tracker account page by selecting a pricing plan.